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About Us

The Corner Playhouse @Winstedt is a play-based, sustainable centre for children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years old.

We offer children the unique opportunity to play and learn in a ‘natural’ classroom that prioritises use of materials that are recycled and reclaimed.

Our intention is to help children have a real appreciation for nature and the environment, and be a part of the circular economy.

We cultivate in our children the value of everyday objects, and unlimited possibilities of breathing second, third and more lives into these items. Recycled objects like boxes, bottles, cardboard, paper, bottle caps, fabrics and even electronics are incorporated into projects that engage children’s creative thinking, imagination and problem solving.


We care about the future of the planet and, at The Corner Playhouse, teaching kids how to live a green lifestyle is a great place to start.  


Sustainability is truly a core purpose and goal of our play house!

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