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Social Responsibility

We undertake social responsibility (SR) to ensure a safer tomorrow. We integrate SR in a number of ways. In June 2021, we adopted Sinar Pelangi Jatibening Foundation. At The Corner Playhouse, we lead by example, incorporating SR into our business strategy and educational philosophy.


We are proud to play our part by incorporating sustainable thinking into our curricula; educating students about modern developments and actively contributing to exciting green projects and development initiatives. We help our students develop socially responsible mindsets, creating both conscientious and successful leaders for tomorrow's business world.


Learn more about our SR initiatives below:

Sinar Pelangi Jatibening Foundation

Sinar Pelangi Jatibening Foundation is a rehabilitation center for children with physical disabilities managed by the Franciscan nuns of the Daughters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (FCJM). They are a non-profit social foundation engaged in the medical (health) sector, which was established in 1989.

The Sinar Pelangi Jatibening Foundation assists by providing operations to children with physical disabilities namely cleft lip, who are from underprivileged families regardless of ethnicity, religion, race, language and other social backgrounds.

Other SR Initiatives

Sustainable and eco-friendly practices are promoted at the school. We offer children the unique opportunity to play and learn in a ‘natural’ classroom that prioritises use of materials that are recycled and reclaimed.


Our intention is to help children have a real appreciation for nature and the environment, and be a part of the circular economy.

We cultivate in our children the value of everyday objects, and unlimited possibilities of breathing second, third and more lives into these items. Recycled objects like boxes, bottles, cardboard, paper, bottle caps, fabrics and even electronics are incorporated into projects that engage children’s creative thinking, imagination and problem solving.


We care about the future of the planet and, at The Corner Playhouse, teaching kids how to live a green lifestyle is a great place to start.  

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