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  • The Corner Playhouse is in operation throughout the year except for weekends, public holidays, Professional Development days and the last two weeks at the end of December.

  • School fees are charged monthly. Make-up days are sometimes available, depending on daily attendance and availability.

  • Please note that $250 non refundable registration is used to secure a space for your child. This is also used towards insurance for your child.

  • Please inform us in writing 1 month in advance if you wish to take your child out of  The Corner Playhouse.

  • Please do let us know before 9am if your child is unwell and not able to come to school. We would like children to arrive between 8.30 and 9am so that we can start the morning as a class.

  • Please keep your child at home if he/she is unwell.

  • All parent must sign the attendance waiver in the application form for their children to attend The Corner Playhouse.


Whilst we accept that all due care and measures will be taken to look after the welfare of the participants, we accept and agree that:


  • The Corner Playhouse Pte Ltd (The Business)

  • Any teachers or assistants


May not be held legally responsible for any injury sustained or loss, cost, or expense suffered by any person, at or in connection with (directly or indirectly) The Corner Playhouse Pte Ltd. Each parent accepts this and agrees that he or she will not be entitled to make any claim upon the business or any teacher or assistant in this regard.


We will be taking photos and videos during The Outdoor Play session. In this regard, we seek your consent for publishing or the use of photos which your child may be included.

The photos will be used for bulletin boards, marketing or advertising, and/or marketing updates posted via the facebook page, website, and/or within the walls of the preschool premises.

Should you decided not to allow us to do so, please inform the teacher in-charge.


For protection of privacy of the child, we guarantee that names will not be included.

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